Share Your Personal Tribute for #911Day

In observance of the September 11 National Day of Service and Remembrance ("9/11 Day"), we pause to remember the lives of those lost and injured as a result of terrorism on 9/11 and worldwide. We honor the many who have risen in service to help victims in need and defend our freedoms. And we pay tribute each 9/11 through our personal acts and expressions of kindness, unity and good deeds.

We invite you to take a moment now to share your personal message or tribute through Facebook or Twitter for 9/11 Day this year.

(Also pay your respects by going silent on social media, and posting just #momentofsilence, #911day, and #neverforget at 8:46am; 9:03am; 9:37am; 9:59am; 10:03am; and 10:28am ET).

Not sure what to say? Consider mentioning a charity you'll support, or another good deed you plan to do. Encourage the nation to rekindle the spirit of unity we experienced after 9/11. Share a memory about a lost loved one, thank a friend for helping you, post a note for a family member in the military. Or simply write a heartfelt message. It's entirely up to you.

(PS: We never access your contacts in any way!)