11 Good Deeds

Save local restaurants

Tell Congress to pass the Restaurants Act which will establish a $120B fund to revitalize independent restaurants impacted by COVID-19.


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Independent Restaurant Coalition
Independent Restaurant Coalition

The IRC was founded to save local restaurants and bars impacted by COVID-19 and the subsequent economic fallout. The Restaurants Act would support growers, fishermen, butchers, bakers and other small businesses that contribute $760B back into their communities, tourism and the economy.

How it works

Step 1
Email your reps

Enter your name and address and we’ll create a custom email to send your local representatives.

Step 2
Report new closures

Go here to report new restaurant closures in your area. We’ll use the data to build our case.

Step 3
Eat like you mean it

Support your local restaurants by ordering take-out if you can.

Your impact

Your support could protect community, culture and livelihoods.

Without this Act, we could lose:

- 500,000 restaurants
- 11 million jobs

These aren’t just restaurants. These are touchstones of a community. Remember, your voice can help these vibrant, independent businesses stay strong for years to come.