11 Good Deeds

Donate plasma to fight COVID-19

If your immune system fought off COVID-19, you now have antibodies in you that could help others fight it off too. Please donate your COVID-19 plasma today.


See if you qualify and find a donor center near you.

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The Fight Is In Us
The Fight Is In Us

This organization is a coalition of leading medical and research institutions, blood centers, technology companies, philanthropic organizations and more, working to support the rapid development of potential new therapies for COVID-19 patients. See who's involved here.

How it works

Step 1
Check eligibility

You must’ve had your illness clinically documented AND be symptom free for the past 14 days.

Step 2
Get scheduled & screened

Your appointment will include a basic health screening to make sure everything is good to go.

Step 3

Similar to donating blood, except this process separates plasma, returning red blood cells and platelets back to you.

Your impact

One donation can help someone else survive the virus.

Your plasma donation could be a key part of the fight against COVID-19. Once donated, it can take one of two paths:

- Be directly transfused into a patient

- Be used to make a potential vaccine

Your donation of antibodies can make all the difference when it comes to fighting COVID-19. Remember, the stronger we are collectively, the sooner we’ll beat it.