Diversify Your Childrens Books - Gold

11 Good Deeds

Diversify your children’s books

Make sure your child’s bookshelves celebrate diversity. Text “diversity” to 39015 for a curated list of children's books written by Black authors.


Text “diversity” to 39015 and get a list of children’s books broken out by age group. 

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How it works

Step 1
Text “diversity” to 39015

You’ll receive a curated list of books tailored to each age group.

Step 2
Pick up new books

You can order online, but consider supporting local Black or minority-owned bookstores instead.

Step 3
Read every day

All that’s left is including these stories in a child’s daily routine.

Your impact

One story has the power to stay with us for life.

The stories we read, the movies we watch, they’re all internalized and begin shaping our worldview from as early as two years old.

You’ve got to see it to be it

Representation matters. Remember, exposure to a diverse set of characters, circumstances and stories helps children become more aware, empathetic, and compassionate adults.