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We are pleased to provide many toolkits and resources to help organizations plan 9/11 Day activities. If you need more info, contact Please return to this site later and post your classroom’s “I Will” pledge for 9/11 (i.e., what you and your students decide to do as your 9/11 good deed), then also tweet it and share it on our Facebook page.

Official 9/11 Day Lesson Plans

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  • Operation Goody BagOn September 12, 2001, Operation Goody Bag was born in a classroom 20 miles from Ground Zero. Students created heartfelt tributes dedicated to those who perished and those who served, and shared them with the community. Now, more than a decade later, that simple idea has grown into a national movement. To date, 287,000 first responders and military men and women have received hand-colored Goody Bags, each filled with an inspirational poem, a personal letter of thanks and candies. Learn how your class can participate in this wonderful 9/11 related tribute. 

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9/11 Day Logos/Assets

We’ve created many graphic assets, videos and web banners that can help you promote your participation in the 9/11 Day Observance and recruit participants. Below are our Official “I Will” and 9/11 Day logos, other 9/11 Day graphic elements and media assets, including our public service advertisements.

You agree that by downloading or copying any of these assets, you will abide by our Terms and Conditions (“T&C”), which states that you will not modify these elements in any way, sell items that include these elements without our written permission, or use them for any commercial gain or in concert with product offers.

Official 9/11 Day Logo

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9/11 Day Annual Impact Report

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