The Team behind 9/11 Day

The 9/11 Day Observance was co-founded and is annually organized by the nonprofit MyGoodDeed. The Board of Directors of MyGoodDeed include respected individuals with diverse backgrounds that include relatives of 9/11 victims, volunteer service leaders, philanthropists and experienced business and financial managers. For more information on our leadership team, click on each of them below.

David Paine

President and Co-Founder

David Paine is the president and co-founder of the 9/11 Day Observance, organized each year by MyGoodDeed, the 501c(3) nonprofit group that led the successful campaign to establish 9/11 as a National Day of Service and Remembrance under federal law.. Read More

I will volunteer on 9/11 to help military veterans become nonprofit leaders.

Jay Winuk

Executive Vice President and Co-Founder

Jay Winuk is co-founder and executive vice president of the 9/11 Day Observance, organized each year by MyGoodDeed, the 501c(3) nonprofit group that led the successful campaign to establish 9/11 as a National Day of Service and Remembrance under federal law. Read More

I will In honor of my late brother, 9/11 rescuer Glenn Winuk, promote charitable service around the nation in tribute to all the victims of 9/11, and will volunteer with military veterans and at the Food Bank for Westchester.

Joseph Spalluto

Chairman of MyGoodDeed

Joe Spalluto serves as Chairman of MyGoodDeed, having joined the board of directors in 2006. Joe is Executive VP and Managing Director of Keefe, Bruyette and Woods. Read More

I will work with my local hospital in their efforts to raise funds in support of its new women's health center

Gerard Papetti

Treasurer of MyGoodDeed

Gerry Papetti serves as Treasurer of MyGoodDeed. He is Partner at U.S. Financial Services who specializes in advising high net worth individuals such as Senior Executives, Medical and Dental Professionals, Business Owners, and Retirees in the process of accumulating as well as preserving wealth. Read More

I will continue to support the FDNY in raising funds for Fire Prevention and Safety and join them in visiting our Wounded Warriors at Bethesda Hospital in Maryland.

AnnMaura Connolly

Board of Director

AnnMaura Connolly is the Chief Strategy Officer of City Year. As CSO, AnnMaura directs City Year’s public policy and public affairs work, manages relationships with national leaders and organizational partners, oversees City Year’s international programs, and collaborates with the CEO on strategic advancement issues. Read More

I will work hard to create more opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds to serve.

Alice Hoagland

Respected Authority on Airline Safety

Alice Hoagland, today a respected authority on airline safety, is the mother of 9/11 victim Mark Bingham, who along with the other brave passengers of United Flight 93, stormed the cockpit and fought with terrorists for control of the hijacked aircraft. Although Flight 93 crashed in Shanksville, PA, killing all aboard, the efforts of Mark and others heroically prevented the terrorists from striking intended targets in Washington DC.

I will raise my voice in support of those in America who sacrificein order to keep our country free and strong.

Edie Lutnick

Board of Director

Edie Lutnick is a Co-founder, Officer, and the Executive Director of The Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund, a 501 (c) 3 not for profit charity established September 14, 2001 to address the short and long term needs of victims of terrorism, natural disasters and emergencies. Read More

I will choose a 9/11 victim and learn something about her. Then I will facilitate the raising of money for hundreds of charities through Cantor Fitzgerald and BGCPartners' charity day in her memory.

Cindy McGinty

Board of Director

Cindy, a graduate of the University of Connecticut, worked in the insurance industry in Human Resources and Health Claims for over 15 years. She then left the work world to raise her two sons and turned her skills to volunteer work. Cindy lost her husband Michael on September 11, 2001. Read More

I will remember my husband Mike by participating in a care package drive for our troops and paying forward the kindness shown to my family.